StorageCraft技术有限公司 // 恢复区 Tue, 12 Oct 2021 18:11:05 +0000 恩美 每小时 1. // StorageCraft技术有限公司 // 32 32 减少计划外停机时间的6种策略 // IT新闻 2021年10月7日星期四14:00:00+0000 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
< / div >你的组织可能保持仔细关注每一美元的预算。但是,有一种成本通常只在事后才被考虑到:停机时间。不管宕机是由勒索软件、网络安全漏洞、硬件故障还是自然灾害造成的,每一分钟的宕机都可能代价高昂。Hourly downtime costs can run from hundreds... Read more » 必威体育betapp // 储存船 2021年10月4日星期一14:00:00+0000 Ransomware 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
Ransomware. We can’t escape it. Banks saw a 1318 percent year-over-year increase in ransomware attacks in the first half of 2021. For healthcare, the increase was 123 percent. Indeed, some targets are more attractive than others to cybercriminals, but every industry is vulnerable. According to the SonicWall 2021 Cyber Threat report mid-year update, there were... Read more »
10月是网络安全意识月:尽你所能确保数据安全 // IT新闻 2021年9月30日星期四14:00:00+0000 网络安全 //
Read more » MSPs:为什么不可变存储对客户数据保护很重要 // IT新闻 星期一,27九月2021 14:00:00 +0000 受管理服务提供商(MSPs) 不变性 不可变的 //
Read more » IDC白皮书:通过整合数据保护和安全,提高数据弹性和提高勒索软件防御 // IT新闻 2021年9月23日星期四14:00:00+0000 Ransomware 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
Ransomware is one of today’s top business concerns. So says IDC’s Phil Goodwin, Research Vice President within IDC’s Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group, in a recent IDC Opinion White Paper, sponsored by Arcserve. But, with 304.7 million ransomware attacks counted in the first six months of 2021, you already knew that. The paper notes... Read more »
StorageCraft在SpiceWorld 2021 Virtual上与业界同行建立联系 // IT新闻 2021年9月20日星期一14:00:00+0000 Ransomware 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 数据存储 //
Read more » 为什么需要统一的数据保护以及如何实现 // IT新闻 9月16日星期四14:00:00 +0000 Ransomware 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
< / div > ransomware攻击的频率继续飙升。在2021年前六个月,全球攻击数量同比增长了151%。sonicwall发布的《2021年全球网络攻击趋势》报告称,从绝对数字来看,同期共发生3.047亿起勒索软件攻击。In the past, data protection, recovery, and security have been... Read more » .NEXT Conference:使数据中心现代化的一站式资源 // 储存船 2021年9月13日星期一14:00:00+0000 受管理服务提供商(MSPs) Ransomware 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 数据存储 业务连续性 //
This year .NEXT spotlighted the latest trends and best practices around modernizing your data center, equipping it to run apps at any scale, and effortlessly managing all of your clouds, this event is for you. The .NEXT Digital Experience brought together visionaries, developers, and IT leaders from around the globe to share the latest in... Read more »
MSPs:为客户的小企业提供最佳数据保护的4个关键 // IT新闻 2021年9月9日星期四14:00:00+0000 受管理服务提供商(MSPs) //
Data is quite simply the lifeblood of any modern business. It is the foundation for digital transformations that drive competitive differentiation and growth. And, for forward-thinking organizations, it is a business accelerator because it helps leaders understand and measure business activities across departments and initiatives. For MSPs, data is the foundation for driving new revenue... Read more »
灾难面前的数据恢复:4种最坏的准备方法 // IT新闻 星期一,06 Sep 2021 14:00:00 +0000 Ransomware 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
Read more » 7个最臭名昭著的云安全漏洞 // IT新闻 9月2日星期四14:00:00 +0000 网络安全 网络安全 数据安全 云数据 //
Read more » 云备份应成为学校数据保护计划一部分的4个原因 // IT新闻 2021年8月30日星期一14:00:00+0000 Ransomware 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 教育 //
If you’re an IT pro responsible for your school’s data, you are likely already facing severe challenges. Threats keep growing, but budgets are always tight—over half (54%) of educators and administrators surveyed say budget is a large or medium barrier in strengthening their institution’s cybersecurity posture. You always have to wring the most out of... Read more »
为MSP提供更好的经济性和投资回报率:Arcserve推出StorageCraft云服务500GB基础 // 储存船 8月26日星期四14:00:00 +0000 受管理服务提供商(MSPs) 业务连续性 MSP 信息产业 灾难恢复 //
MSPs are always looking for ways to improve their bottom line and get a better return on their technology investments. That’s why Arcserve has introduced enhanced StorageCraft Cloud Services Basic. Now MSPs can offer best-in-class cloud backup and disaster recovery services to a broader range of customers, all with unprecedented profit potential and ROI. StorageCraft... Read more »
技术讲座:了解Arcserve N系列特色Nutanix // IT新闻 2021年8月23日星期一14:00:00+0000 Ransomware 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 数据存储 //
Arcserve and StorageCraft have merged to create a new global leader in data protection and management that offers you more options. That’s one reason why Arcserve has partnered with Nutanix and Sophos to introduce a hyperconverged data protection appliance that integrates industry-leading technologies in data protection, hyperconverged infrastructure, and cybersecurity. That means you now have... Read more »
云时代州和地方政府的数据保护和风险管理 // IT新闻 2021年8月19日星期四14:00:00+0000 Ransomware 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 政府 //
Read more » 是时候超越传统的3-2-1备份了 // IT新闻 2021年8月16日星期一14:00:00+0000 未分类的 数据恢复 业务连续性 备份解决方案 备份策略 数据恢复解决方案 3-2-1备份 云备份 //
Read more » 开学了:你学校的数据安全吗? // IT新闻 8月12日星期四14:00:00 +0000 网络安全 教育 //
Read more » OneXafe和UDP如何为您提供完整的勒索软件保护 // IT新闻 2021年8月9日星期一14:00:00+0000 Ransomware 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
The ransomware epidemic has gotten so bad that even the U.S. Senate has taken action. While the bipartisan bill now under consideration raises the specter of repercussions for cybercriminals who practice state-sponsored ransomware, it will do little to stem the tide of attacks that emanate from everyday hackers. And there are many. A SonicWall report... Read more »
为什么不可变存储应该成为每个政府机构恢复战略的一部分 // IT新闻 2021年8月5日星期四14:00:00+0000 Ransomware 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 数据存储 政府 州和地方政府 不变性 不变存储 //
Read more » 为什么DRaaS对您的业务连续性计划至关重要 // IT新闻 2021年8月2日星期一14:00:00+0000 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
The rise of the pandemic spotlighted many disaster-related issues companies had ignored for far too long. Consider that a 2020 study by global consultancy firm Mercer found that more than half of companies had no business continuity plan to combat the virus’s impacts. These companies played catch-up to competitors better prepared for disasters—in whatever form... Read more »
你和你的员工如何帮助阻止勒索软件 // IT新闻 2021年7月29日星期四14:00:00+0000 Ransomware 网络安全 //
According to a recent ZDNet article, ransomware is now one of the most potentially damaging malware threats. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that ransomware damage costs will exceed $265 billion by 2031, with attacks on a businesses, consumers, or devices occurring every two seconds. Their projection for 2021: $20 billion in costs, a 57x leap from 2015.... Read more »
业务连续性vs.自然母亲:保护数据免受灾难 // IT新闻 7月26日星期一14:00:00 +0000 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
Hurricane season is here again. While the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicted back in May that we may not see the historic level of storm activity that was present in 2020, things aren’t playing out as expected—so far. recently noted that the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season is already at a faster pace... Read more »
制定业务连续性计划的6个步骤 // IT新闻 7月22日星期四14:00:00 +0000 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
Every minute that your business is offline is expensive. While every business is different, you’ll find some guidelines for projecting your downtime costs in this post. But there are other costs beyond dollars. Your reputation, for example, is hard to repair if you’re not available when your customers need you and your company name is... Read more »
Sophos、StorageCraft和Arcserve技术堆栈如何帮助您保护数据 // 储存船 星期一,7月19日14:00:00 +0000 Ransomware 网络安全 业务连续性 //
Ransomware is a global epidemic. In a recent article, former Cisco CEO John Chambers says that U.S. companies alone can expect to face more than 65,000 ransomware attacks this year, adding that in his view, that’s a conservative estimate. IT pros know they need to do more to protect their data, but choosing the right... Read more »
确保你的数据始终安全的5种方法 // IT新闻 7月15日星期四14:00:00 +0000 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
If you’re responsible for making sure your company’s data is secure, you’ve probably got plenty on your mind. And it doesn’t matter whether your company is big or small. Losing access to your data—whether due to a ransomware attack, hardware failure, or simple human error—is painful. The numbers speak volumes. According to SonicWall’s 2021 Cyber... Read more »
StorageCraft和Arcserve的合并如何开启数据保护的新时代 // 储存船 星期一,7月12日14:00:00 +0000 业务连续性 //
You’ve probably heard the news about the StorageCraft and Arcserve merger. Both companies have earned the respect of the industry and customers.  And the new Arcserve can be counted among the global top five data management and protection vendors and one of the world’s largest business continuity companies. But what does the merger mean for... Read more »
勒索软件生存的教训:黑客要求7000万美元 // IT新闻 7月8日星期四14:00:00 +0000 Ransomware 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
We’ve been writing about ransomware for a long time. And, it’s certainly big news right now with the massive attack on Kaseya Ltd. affecting hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses. But ransomware has been around a lot longer than most of us realize. The year was 1989, and a Harvard-educated evolutionary biologist named Joseph Popp... Read more »
建立有效的无勒索软件数据保护策略的5个步骤 // 阿曼达Bertucci 2021年7月5日星期一14:00:00+0000 未分类的 //
As much as we hate it, ransomware is here to stay. It is now permanently on the list of things to watch for when it comes to cybersecurity. There is no silver bullet against ransomware, so to mitigate the threat, you must protect your data from every possibility—and always consider the worst-case scenario. According to... Read more »
3当今数据环境中的关键恢复规则 // IT新闻 2021年7月1日星期四14:00:00+0000 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
Read more » 什么是Jackware,为什么你应该关心它? // IT新闻 星期一,6月28日14:00:00 +0000 Ransomware 网络安全 //
情况变得如此糟糕,以至于联邦调查局已经请求国会拨款4000万美元来帮助打击这新一轮的袭击。但是,有一种勒索软件已经存在一段时间了,它可能会造成比原来的更大的破坏。Jackware。One cybersecurity expert says jackware could be... Read more »
dras应该成为你的数据保护清单之首的5个理由 // IT新闻 6月24日星期四14:00:00 +0000 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
DRaaS is an acronym that just about every IT pro understands. Short for disaster recovery as a service, DRaaS is a cloud computing service model that lets you replicate your systems, data, and applications to a third-party cloud computing environment so they can be recovered and restored. DRaaS is a game-changer when it comes to... Read more »
独立研究聚焦勒索软件策略漏洞 // 储存船 2021年6月21日星期一14:00:00+0000 Ransomware 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
Read more » 如何注意数据风险和恢复之间的差距 // IT新闻 6月17日星期四14:00:00 +0000 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
您的数据处于危险中。当然,你已经知道了。不幸的是,这些风险是很多的。以殖民管道黑客事件为例。这是一个密码泄露的简单行为的结果。Or the JBS meat company attack perpetrated by the Russian cybercriminal group REvil that resulted in an $11 million ransomware... Read more »
您应该向云服务提供商询问的5个问题 // IT新闻 6月14日星期一14:00:00 +0000 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
Read more » 主存储和辅助存储:有什么区别? // IT新闻 6月10日星期四13:00:00 +0000 备份和灾难恢复 数据存储 //
< / div >并不是所有的存储都是平等的。找出主设备和辅助设备在复杂的数据存储层次结构中的位置。 《5种常用加密算法与未来的牢不可破 // IT新闻 2021年6月7日星期一14:00:00+0000 网络安全 数据保护 信息产业 网络安全 内容管理 数据加密 数据安全 //
// 储存船 2021年6月4日星期五14:00:00+0000 Ransomware 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 远程劳动力 //
Read more » 主动勒索软件防御和精心安排的恢复:为您的业务的第一道和最后一道防线 // 储存船 2021年5月31日星期一14:00:00+0000 Ransomware 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
Read more » 帮助确保业务连续性的4种方法 // IT新闻 5月27日星期四14:00:00 +0000 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
Read more » StorageCraft发布ShadowXafe和OneXafe Solo的最新版本 // 储存船 2021年5月24日星期一14:00:00+0000 受管理服务提供商(MSPs) 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
Read more » 业务连续性与灾难恢复:有什么区别 // IT新闻 2021年5月20日星期四14:00:00+0000 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
Read more » 网络安全和灾难恢复:为什么您需要这两个世界中最好的 // IT新闻 星期一,5月17日14:00:00 +0000 Ransomware 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
It’s tough on the cyberwar front. According to IBM, business losses due to cyberattacks averaged $1.52 million in 2020. Data breach incidents cost the US $8.64 million the same year. No wonder businesses are spending more on cybersecurity as they attempt to protect themselves. In fact, the average business spend on security increased from $2,337... Read more »
StorageCraft与谷歌云合作提供业务连续性 // 储存船 5月13日星期四14:00:00 +0000 受管理服务提供商(MSPs) Ransomware 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 数据存储 业务连续性 远程劳动力 //
StorageCraft, an Arcserve company, has partnered with Google Cloud to offer its StorageCraft Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) on the Google Cloud Marketplace (GCP). StorageCraft’s award-winning DRaaS solution has been explicitly architected to take advantage of the power of Google Cloud. Now, StorageCraft DRaaS—with recovery capabilities that include one-click orchestrated recovery—is available and optimized... Read more »
勒索软件的注意事项 // IT新闻 2021年5月10日星期一14:00:00+0000 Ransomware 网络安全 //
Ransomware is everywhere. From home users to major universities to local governments—even massive tech firms like Apple—all kinds of organizations are being attacked. And these attacks are becoming ever more frequent and highly targeted. Ransom demand costs soared to nearly $75 million in 2020 according to Emsisoft. And IT Canada says ransomware figures could be... Read more »
StorageCraft全球研究:云应用推动了对安全责任的更深入理解 // 储存船 2021年5月6日星期四14:00:00+0000 受管理服务提供商(MSPs) //
Read more » 云备份如何帮助教师教学和学生学习 // IT新闻 星期一,3 May 2021 14:00:00 +0000 教育 //
It’s gotten so bad that’s it’s at the top of the national news. Recent CBS News coverage of the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency’s alerts makes it clear: K-12 schools are clearly in the cross-hairs as targets for ransomware attacks. And it doesn’t stop at K-12. The total reported count for 2020 ransomware attacks was 1,681,... Read more »
为什么停机会发生以及如何将其最小化 // IT新闻 星期四,29 Apr 2021 14:00:00 +0000 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
< / div >停机时间是每个组织的克星。昂贵的。根据2020年国际贸易组织的一项研究,40%的企业表示,每一个小时的停机时间会给他们的公司造成100万美元到500多万美元的损失。即使是中小企业也可能遭受巨大打击。The same study showed that companies with under 50... Read more » 确保机器人工作负载的总体业务连续性 // IT新闻 星期一,26 Apr 2021 14:00:00 +0000 Ransomware 网络安全 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
Read more » 为什么业务连续性计划比以往任何时候都重要?你能做什么 // IT新闻 2021年4月22日星期四14:00:00+0000 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that we never know what’s around the corner. Just look at a few of the events that have shaped the last year alone: A pandemic that’s taken nearly three million people while causing over 100K businesses to shut their doors. Social unrest across the United States... Read more »
基于云的DRaaS是备份和灾难恢复的最佳选择的5个原因 // IT新闻 2021年4月19日星期一14:00:00+0000 备份和灾难恢复 业务连续性 //
当然,你们已经知道了。数字是不会说谎的:根据《网络威胁防御报告》,81%的受访者表示,他们的网络去年遭到了入侵。更糟糕的是,62%的人受到勒索软件的威胁。大多数人付了赎金!But that’s just the human side of... Read more »